Meet Our Leadership Team


Frank Brand


Frank Brand serves as our Pastor. He is best described by his life's purpose statement- "I exist to glorify God by sharing the hope found in Christ though my lifestyle and influence." He and his wife Jennifer and their four children have been ministering at First Baptist Estero since 2004.


Weston Eckert


Weston Eckert serves as our Youth Pastor and administrative Assistant. Weston is passionate about seeing youth coming to know Christ and developing a relationship with Christ that continues to grow as they do. He and his wife Susanna have attended First Baptist Estero since 2011.


Stephanie Hunt


Stephanie Hunt is a part of our Administration team. Stephanie has been given the gift of hospitality and enjoys using her talents to reach out to our church and community through all kinds of events. She and her husband Greg have been attending First Baptist Estero since 


Carissa Yarnell


Carissa Yarnell serves as our Children's Director and is part of our administration team. Carissa has a love for Children and making sure they know they are loved by a great God. She also serves as part of our Administration team. Her and her family have been at First Baptist Estero since 2013.



Meet your Deacon

Our deacons serve the families of First Baptist Estero lovingly and dutifully in the name of Jesus Christ.  Each deacon is assigned a group of families according to their last name. 


Richard Burly  (Families whose last names begin with A - C)

 Richard and his wife Julia have been members of our church since 2014.  Richard is a retired     firefighter and loves to hunt.



Mike Lasater  (Families whose last names begin with D - I)

 Mike and Jennifer Lasater welcomed their first grandchild Van Allen Lasater born on September   11th, 2018.  He weighed 7.16 pounds and measured  21 inches long.  Van's parents are Luke and     Sara Lasater who live in  Knoxville Tennessee.



Tom Ottle  (Families whose last names begin with J - M)

 Tom & Margaret, his wife of 34 years, moved here from Memphis about five  years ago and   have  attended our church since 2014.  Tom enjoys playing  golf,  spending time with family and   studying the Bible.



Andrew Brown (Families whose last names begin with N - S)                                                                                                     

 Andrew, his wife Rebecca and their two sons Noah and Ryan have been attending our church since 2013.  He   loves to fish, boat, and spend time with his family. 




Craig Weinbaum, Deacon Chairman (Families whose last names begin with T-Z) 

 Craig and his wife Jenny serve with Pastor Weston in our youth program.  They also stay busy       with their two children Ava and Jack.






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